Monday, November 22, 2004

Ohio Recount Impossible?

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Ohio Recount Impossible?

David Cobb, the Green candidate for President, pointed out on Citizen Reno, a WBAI radio program, Sunday morning (11.21.2004), that the officials running the Ohio election seem to be planning to delay posting the official election results well into December, making a recount and/or audit of the vote practically impossible.

This information has not surfaced even on such activist websites as ( and others.

Both Citizen Reno and David Cobb expressed disgust and confusion regarding Kerry’s concession. It seems even clearer now that Kerry is just as opposed to a reversal of the election results as is Bush.

It was also pointed out that no recount of Ohio’s votes would be possible were it not for the Green party since Kerry and the Democratic party are not supporting such an effort.

Item: The media blackout/whitewash continues and even activist Democrats are accepting the status quo. According to Citizen Reno, at a NYC event starring Whoopi Goldberg, there was no hint that the disputed election was an issue.



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